Data Protection & GDPR Practitioner Course


Four Day Course  – Virtual & Classroom Delivery

This Course is certified in association with the National Cyber Security Centre.

What will you learn?

This course will build upon the Awareness course and provide a more detailed insight and understanding data protection and the GDPR, including aspects of the new British Data Protection Act 2018 which incorporated GDPR into British Law.

It will be linked to several IISP skills groups, notably the Legislative Environment, Governance, Risk Management, Capability (people, process and technology) and the practical aspects of preparation and on-going compliance.

The course will include self-study and provide a number of practical and hands-on scenarios to apply knowledge and skills to.  There will also be a formal examination to achieve the certification and to support other professional accreditations and CPD.


Mapped to Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) subject modules at Practitioner level only.

Awareness Level

A1 – Governance A6 – Legal & Regulatory Environment B1 – Risk Assessment B2 – Risk Management

Practitioner Level

A3 – Information Security Strategy A5 – Awareness and Training A7 – Third Party Management G1 – Audit and Review; and F1 – Incident Management

Course Materials

PDF of slides and Practitioner Guidance Notes (over 80 pages) and forms the basis of self-study as evening work.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and those requiring a more detailed knowledge to support organisational change and on-going compliance.  It will develop knowledge and skills required, by focusing upon experiential learning through the use of interactive scenarios that a DPO is likely to encounter.

Course Duration

The GDPR Data Protection Practitioner Course will be covered throughout the course of 4 days.