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OSP Cyber Academy collaborates with a select number of Industry technology partners, these include some of the world’s leading IT companies and innovators, many of whom have significant expertise in Cyber Resilience, IT Security, Cloud Managed Security, Data Encryption, Data Storage, Document Cleansing and Training and advice, OSP Cyber Academy and our technology partners deliver value of the highest standard.

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Do you think your business and customers would benefit from assured and certified GDPR training? GDPR is a given that ALL businesses must comply with, OSP Cyber Academy can guide you and your clients through the Awareness education programme, train and certify your Data Protection Officers and Privacy Professionals, with have certified bespoke One Day and Four Day Courses covering GDPR. In addition to this we also provide GDPR for HR and Finance Professionals One Day Awareness Courses.

Here’s your chance to provide your clients with certified and assured quality training