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OSP Cyber Academy’s Trusted Technology Partners 


OSP Cyber Academy collaborates with a select number of Industry technology partners, these include some of the world’s leading IT companies and innovators, many of whom have significant expertise in Cyber Resilience, IT Security, Cloud Managed Security, Data Encryption, Data Storage, Document Cleansing and Training and advice, OSP Cyber Academy and our technology partners deliver value of the highest standard.

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Do you think your business and customers would benefit from assured and certified GDPR training? GDPR is a given that ALL businesses must comply with, OSP Cyber Academy can guide you and your clients through the Awareness education programme, train and certify your Data Protection Officers and Privacy Professionals, with have certified bespoke One Day and Four Day Courses covering GDPR. In addition to this we also provide GDPR for HR and Finance Professionals One Day Awareness Courses.

Here’s your chance to provide your clients with certified and assured quality training


Managed Encryption

Information about your employees or customers on any device that goes missing represents a significant risk. With GDPR on the horizon, it’s all about reducing the risk.

MFG keep your personal data secure in the event of loss or theft of your device. They provide secure, centrally managed data protection for laptops, mobiles, PCs, tablets and more. They are the only encryption provider to offer full protection for all devices, with no training and no maintenance.

Why manage encryption yourself?… Allow MFG!

Tel: +44 (0) 118 914 8800



Celerity IT Our Trusted Partner 

They are currently entrusted with the protection and management of many petabytes of highly sensitive data for a range of global organisations. Their experience covers a broad spectrum of sectors including Government, Defence, Finance and Health with a track record of successfully delivering business solutions as an honest, flexible and highly experienced technology partner.

For the provision of cloud, managed & traditional IT services

Tel: +44 (0) 1772 542450



The cloud confidence consultants

EveryCloud provides independent and impartial cloud security consultancy and implementation services.

Their aim is to make your business secure and cloud confident. To give you the security systems, software, and policies to grow and thrive.

They advise on all aspects of cloud security. Providing insight and recommendations on cloud access, identity management, and traditional web security services.

Because they are truly independent, they will build your custom solution completely from scratch. And will only use the software, tools, and protocols that fit your priorities, to help your business flourish.

Insight and recommendations on cloud access, identity management, and traditional web security services.

Tel: +44 (0) 8004 701820



World-Class Information and Communication Technology Solutions

Oryx XL is a rapidly expanding world-class business delivering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to a wide variety of industries for over 25 years.

They place a strong emphasis on supplying all aspects of managing and processing information for small, medium and large organisations, delivering high quality Consultancy, IT Support/Managed Services, Software Engineering and Training. In addition they provide both remote and onsite support services designed to keep your systems operating at maximum efficiency.

At Oryx XL they understand each business has different business requirements, therefore they work closely to protect and optimise your systems, enabling cost reduction, streamline processes and maximise business technology.

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 798420



Privacy Management Software

OneTrust is the leading and fastest growing privacy management software platform used by hundreds of organizations globally to comply with data privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR and Privacy Shield.

Their comprehensive, integrated, technology-based solutions include readiness and privacy impact assessments, data inventory and mapping automation, website scanning and consent management, subject rights requests, incident reporting, and vendor risk management.

Comprehensive Enterprise Privacy Management Software to Operationalize GDPR Compliance and Privacy by Design

Tel: +44 (800) 011-9778