“WannaCry?” By Sandip Patel QC

”2017 brought unrelenting growth in cybercrime including ransomware, phishing, hacking, social engineering and targeted campaigns, some state-sponsored. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ranked cybercrime in the top three risks the world will face in 2018. According to its statistics, 357 million malware variants were released in 2016 alone and banking trojans (designed to steal account login details) on sale for just $500. Ransomware, said to be worth $1bn globally, continues to dominate the malware landscape and has grown by 56% according to McAfee Lab’s 2018 Threats Prediction Report.”

Sandip Patel QC – Chairperson of the Cybercrime Practitioners Association & OSP Cyber Academy’s Chief Legal Adviser – is an industry leading expert in cybercrime and cyber security. Involved as the prosecuting QC in cases ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Facebook Hacker’, Sandip has a wealth of knowledge of the Internet of Things and its potential threats.

Within this article for Counsel Magazine, Sandip goes into detail about Internet crime: Explaining the relationship between cyber attacks and internet infrastructure. He demonstrates which countries/ sectors are affected, as well as examining the UK’s own cyber security strategy; before explaining risk mitigation and how to protect from viruses and other malware.

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