Cyber Scotland Week – Thursday 2nd March – Robert Gordon University

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Securing the future of the industry against the continued cyber threat

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Reinforcing efforts behind best Cyber Security practices

Every year we see a rise in attacks on cyber-physical systems, and in 2021 we saw our adversaries becoming ever smarter, more efficient and increasingly successful at penetrating industrial networks. This was seen with ICS operators reporting more security incidents to the authorities than in any year previous.

The risk posed by cyber threat actors transcends sectors, highlighting the importance of our mission to continue to grow the multi-industry consortium that brings together a variety of industry and government stakeholders in an effort to improve the state of cyber security on both a domestic and international level.

The focus for this year has been to highlight the scope of industries that must tackle the risk that unprotected cyber physical systems have to an organisation, and this is shown by the support and attendance we receive from an ever-increasing range of sector experts, from Energy, Oil and Gas, Critical National Infrastructure and other industries impacted by threats to their industrial control system.

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  • Discuss how Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing will encourage business collaboration
  • Learn to identify your most valuable data assets
  • Discover how to improve employee awareness on the threats of cyber-attacks
  • Debate the importance of regional collaboration and the development of standards
  • Examine the role of public and private stakeholders in the protection of cyberspace
  • Analyse data security laws and industry standards
  • Increase your network interacting with colleagues in a unique experience
  • Showcase your expertise to a senior audience

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