Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security Awareness Course

OT Cyber Security Awareness Course

50 Minute Online Course – Cost £75 +VAT

Sometimes overshadowed by the many data security issues which have arisen within Information
Technology (IT), the threat to our Operational Technology (OT) – our Industrial Control Systems – has
huge significance for all Sectors of Industry. Legislation such as the NIS Regulation 2018 carries strong
penalties and compliance is audited by Government bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive.

The Course

One of the biggest factors in reducing the likelihood of a cyber-attack is re-programming and training
the ‘Wetware’ (us). This course is a foundation to set you on a training journey which will be different
for each career path and specialisation. Armed with this introduction to cyber security for Operational
Technology (OT), you will be better prepared to meet the numerous threats to our industrial processes,
and to build upon this foundation to increase your knowledge and experience.

Course Author

The author of this course is a highly experienced OT cyber security professional, a Fellow of the British
Computer Society and one of the very few Lead Practitioner Cyber Security/IA Auditors within the NCSC
Certified Cyber Professionals Scheme.


The course covers the following components:

  • Understanding the difference between OT and IT
  • Does the worst ever really happen?
  • Understanding how segregation can help
  • System Hardening
  • Understanding and Managing Risk

The course includes a confirmatory quiz. A certificate is available on successful completion and the
course counts towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Who should take this course?

Produced as a partnership between OSP Cyber Academy and industrial cyber security experts Cyber Prism, this course is set at an awareness level, aimed at operators and junior technical staff in an organisation where Industrial Control Systems play an important part in the core processes and functions.