Cyber Resilience
for National Security and Oil & Gas

International Advisors 2020 Partners are delighted to announce the collaboration of a first of its kind one-day conference to be delivered at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.

ATTENDANCE IS STRICTLY BY INVITATION ONLY AND  INVITATIONS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. Please complete the registration form below to confirm attendance.

29th September 2022 - Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

Brought by International Advisors 2020 Partners, in conjunction with local company OSP Cyber Academy and RGU, comes a seminar series of the highest calibre. International speakers from the United States will share insights into the global threat landscape that affects every aspect of business life, focusing on our critical infrastructure and the threats to our energy sector.


Speakers from the USA leading intelligence agencies will share their years of collaboration with UK counterparts that have protected our most valued critical assets. Past and present members from the CIA, FBI, and NSA will be joined by UK peers from the Intelligence agencies, government and the highest levels of energy sector operations.


RGU and their partners are delighted to have this opportunity to host such a prestigious conference. Due to the nature of this conference, it will be a non-transferable invitation only event. Please watch out for more updates shortly.

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Speaker Announcements coming soon...